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Bound & Determined: The Collective

Enrollment is closed


Welcome to Bound & Determined: The Collective!

Here we hold space for women in insurance sales to learn from, grow with, support and celebrate one another.

I am so glad that you're here.

What's Inside

What is The Collective?

Bound & Determined: The Collective is a group of carefully curated women from across the U.S., growing in their careers in insurance sales, who meet virtually on a weekly basis over the course of three months to build relationships, learn from and support one another. 

As a Collectiva, you will be an integral part of the shared expertise of 10 smart, savvy and welcoming women, helping one another to accomplish great things through their work. 

This program is ideal for you if you've already begun your journey in insurance sales and are eager to continue to learn and grow. You value connection and collaboration and focus primarily on the sale of property & casualty insurance products. 

Sign me up, right?
The Collective was adapted by and is hosted by Meg McKeen, CIC, founder of Adjunct Advisors, LLC. Throughout her 20 year career, working within the insurance industry, Meg has held a seat at the table during thousands of insurance negotiations; Meg now holds space for women in insurance sales through 1:1 coaching, facilitated workshops, in-person events and the podcast, Bound & Determined.

What exactly am I committing to?

Here's what we are committing to each other as a member of The Collective:
  • Lead us in one teaching session on the topic of your choosing; not sure what to talk about? Keep reading!
  • Lead us in one support session on the topic of your choosing; what is a support session? Keep reading!
  • Share a goodness, an update and set a weekly goal each session
  • Maintain good attendance (ideally, perfect attendance, but we'll be realistic)
  • Support your Collectivas outside of The Collective in our private Slack community and in other ways as it makes sense
  • Show up authentically and wholly to each of our sessions

I can't talk about a single topic for 20 minutes. Just the thought of it gives me anxiety and I think I have hives.

A few ideas:
  • What's the question a client throws at you that makes you say "I got this?" Talk about that. And don't assume that anyone in the group knows more about it than you. If they're already knowledgeable, they can use a refresher!
  • What's the question you dread being asked by a client? Chances are good that if you loathe it, someone else in the group does, too. Now's your chance to dive in and never have to dread the question again!
  • Build in stories - or, in insurance speak, give us claims examples or client experiences. Real-life scenarios make the complicated so much more understandable.
  • There's time for Q&A (hello! less time you have to prep for!). Get a Q you don't know the A to? We support here without judgment; do your homework and report back to the group.
  • Still not sure what to talk about? Ask your fellow Collectivas what they'd like to learn about in our Slack group.

What is a support session?

This is your time to use however you choose. Have a problem in your business you'd like to use the group mind to solve? Bring it to us! Navigating a tricky situation with a colleague or client? Bring that, too. Struggling with work-life balance? We're here for you. 

I've never presented in a web conference before. More anxiety. More hives.

There isn't a better place to work out the bugs, so to speak, than a community like this. Use slides if you want to - or don't if you don't. Be yourself and share in the way that feels best to you. And now you can cross "presenting in a web conference" off your list of things you never thought you'd do.

Can I get a discount?

No. And Meg won't ask you for one, either.
But you may qualify for a need-based scholarship; fill out your application here.

What if I join and then decide this isn't for me?

You may transfer your registration to another woman in insurance sales until the third session; after the third session, you will forfeit your place. You are an important part of our community and we hope you'll be with us throughout the journey.

What if I have a scheduling conflict and cannot attend a session? What if the conflict arises after the program begins and I cannot attend any future sessions?

Life happens! Your attendance benefits you and your other Collectivas - you decide where being here falls on your priority list. If you become aware of an ongoing scheduling conflict after the program begins, please contact Meg to discuss next steps.

I shared this with my boss and they don't see the value in a program like this; what should I say to change their mind?

This program isn't for everyone; after all, there are lots of programs that will teach you "sales."
While selling insurance is how we make our living, this group offers real-time support, ideas and resources to meet you exactly where you are. At the crossroads of professional and personal development, sometimes you need help to close the sale - and other times you just need inspiration to keep going. This is the place to find both.

What is included in the price?

  • Active participation in 12 live group coaching sessions
  • Recordings of all live sessions for your reference at any time
  • One private 50-minute one-on-one coaching session with Meg, to be scheduled during the course of the program 
  • Access to all resources shared within The Collective
  • Lifetime access to the Bound & Determined private Slack community 
  • Accountability + Support 

You want me to share my knowledge and my secrets with my competitors? Really, Meg?

If this is a concern of yours, this might not be the program for you.
Statistically it is highly unlikely that you'll know any of the other participants. If it happens, and you feel unable to move forward in the program, Meg will address your concerns. 

I'm just not sure, Meg.

I hear you! This isn't your typical networking group and you won't be "10x-ing your business overnight" with this group. We're building a community of women who understand that the path to success in a career in insurance sales isn't a straight line - and they value the lessons that come from the messiness of life - and our unique ability to grow from and support one another along the way. You are investing in your professional and personal development by being part of The Collective, and you are welcome here. Still not sure? Schedule a time with Meg to chat.

Can you create The Collective for a group of women in insurance sales within my organization?

Absolutely. Contact Meg to discuss options that can be customized for your group or team.

Hear More

Meg joins Adam Torres on the Mission Matters Money podcast to share more about The Collective; have a listen here.


Working with Meg has been like a light to my path 
for my confidence and tenacity.
Rachel B.

Meet Meg

Celebrating her 21st year in the insurance industry, three years ago, Meg did the unthinkable and quit her job without a job. Gasp! Who does that?
With the essential belief that the people who buy - and sell - insurance deserve a better experience, this was a pivotal decision that led to the launch of her consulting firm, Adjunct Advisors LLC, in 2018, through which she offers thoughtfully curated solutions for the development of insurance sales professionals.