Content Crunch: 30 Days in 30 Minutes by Meg | Adjunct Advisors

Content Crunch: 30 Days in 30 Minutes

Let's not overthink it!


I'm so glad you're here.

Maybe you've stopped by because you want to build your social presence for your business.

Or maybe you know you need to. After all, your future clients are out there, right?

If you've been hesitant to start - that's the hardest part, after all, join Meg as she guides you through a 5 minute conversation. She'll ask you questions about your business and your life - and it won't hurt, promise!

The result? 30 prompts that will become the beginning point for your social media content that you can use on any platform.

A professional sales coach, use the remainder of your session to solve a problem in your business using Meg's expertise - she's here to help.

The first post is the hardest post. Let's get started!
I'm ready!

Meet Meg

Celebrating her 21st year in the insurance industry, three years ago, Meg did the unthinkable and quit her job without a job. Gasp! Who does that?
With the essential belief that the people who buy - and sell - insurance deserve a better experience, this was a pivotal decision that led to the launch of her consulting firm, Adjunct Advisors LLC, in 2018, through which she offers thoughtfully curated solutions for the development of insurance sales professionals.