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Momentum: 21 Insurance Sales Strategies

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As insurance salespeople, we are hardwired to be in motion - to be in connection, to be in conversation, to be seeking solutions. 

After all, Sir Isaac Newton knew what was up when he taught us that objects in motion stay in motion - those at rest stay at rest. 

These next few weeks will be challenging in many ways - new routines, so much uncertainty, a general upsetting of what it means to be “business as usual.”

For the next 21 days, join me as I share strategies for keeping the momentum in your insurance sales practice. 

Each day, delivered right to your inbox, find a unique solution to help you continue to feel inspired, motivated and moving forward in the work you do.

Can't wait to see you along the way!
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Meet Meg

Celebrating her 21st year in the insurance industry, three years ago, Meg did the unthinkable and quit her job without a job. Gasp! Who does that?
With the essential belief that the people who buy - and sell - insurance deserve a better experience, this was a pivotal decision that led to the launch of her consulting firm, Adjunct Advisors LLC, in 2018, through which she offers thoughtfully curated solutions for the development of insurance sales professionals.


How much does this cost?

This program is offered at no cost to you. 

I only sell {life insurance/employee benefits/business insurance/personal insurance}; will I benefit from this program?

Yes. I'm glad you're here! The strategies shared here are general in nature; like any other program, some will resonate more closely with the work you do than others.

How much time will this take each day?

Plan to spend about five minutes viewing and absorbing the strategy each day. On occasion, there will be an extra step that will require more time - you can choose to skip that section or revisit it at anytime.  

What others are saying

Working with Meg 
has been like a light to my path 
for my confidence and tenacity.
Rachel B.
Meg is a valuable resource and is always organized, prepared and available to help. She is a wealth of knowledge and an asset to have in the industry.
Brandon L.